I Am an INFJ

I had never heard of the Myers-Briggs personality test until I went to my “majors” school (CGSC) at Fort Leavenworth in the summer of 2015.  Apparently, they like to get a little psychological snapshot assessment of the students before the school year starts.  It turned out that I was the only INFJ in my small group (15 of us per classroom).  Not the only introvert to be sure but it interested me to dive a little deeper into what this extra label I took on meant to me.

Famous INFJ’s include Oprah, Nelson Mandela and……Adam Sandler?  Interesting.  Allegedly this particular group I fell into is a very small percentage of the world, 1-2%.  Wow.  Made sense why I felt so utterly different than the majority, however, it was only two short years before this test that I found I was on more the empathic side.  Funny how INFJ’s have been called, The Mystic, The Counselor, and………Empath.  So, I was like, Ohhhhhh ok, my labels have all kind of merged together in the same group, INFJ.

There was something else about this INFJ/Empath that helped me get through all my school years, Marines, Army, virtually everything.  The Chameleon.  I suppose it’s kind of like a natural defense mechanism where I was always able to blend in so well.  Except for the past few years.  I dropped the defense and just allowed Me to come through.  When I had my Shift in consciousness, I was able to finally stand in my own strength of Who I Am without fear of repercussion of trying to “fit in” anymore.

It was humorous though when someone in our small group at CGSC found something about the Star Wars character equivalence to the 16 Myers-Briggs personality traits.  Good ole Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Counselor.  Wait, not just Obi-Wan! From Star Wars: A New Hope, we first meet him as Ben Kenobi.  Hey!  I’m Ben too!  Perfect.

Have a wonderful day, my friends, and if you are an INFJ reading this and are having problems in life then please feel free to drop me a line! Wait a minute, it doesn’t matter if you are an INFJ or not. ANYone having any problems dealing with anything and would like some outside, neutral guidance, then please feel free to drop a line 🙂

7 thoughts on “I Am an INFJ

  1. Hey! How are you? Not sure if you remember me. Our occasional interaction on your blog and occasionally you read mine. I am writing somewhere else…… INFJ…. haha Interestingly I am learning about personality profiling and to be a profiler. INFP here…..


    • Kit! Of course I remember you! I enjoyed reading many many of your posts as I recall.
      How fascinating that you are learning about personality types, so cool, and to be a profiler? Amazing! And an INFP? Fantastic. If you are still writing somewhere else you should please let me know if you get a chance. That would be amazing! Plus if you need any INFJ input for your future research then I am willing to help in any way I can. I happen to have some free time these days :D.

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  2. I have a blog… it is a public but private blog where i just write… A part of me wishes for someone to read it, another part of me don’t. Thanks for offering INFJ input. – one of the types that i love a conversation with.

    Infj and you served in the army before?
    I cannot imagine how that must feel for you? How did you do it?


    • Haha yes not just the Army, I started in the Marine Corps in 1992. I needed it and once it came into my view, I didn’t hesitate to join. It Felt Right, hard to really put into words. A need to fulfill Service to others. To be a Protector. Of course I was a bit out of my depth but I have a fascinating way of being highly adaptable. The Army, years later, was not much different…well easier I suppose as I was so much more experienced lol.
      Perfectly understand your blogging! You do you my friend!

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