Infinite Shades of Blue

What a great privilege it has been this past year in opening up.  After this month, a new chapter begins in my life and new Doors to be Opened.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to close this moment out but I recently heard someone joking about the movie flop of 50 Shades of Grey.   I knew I wanted to discuss a little about Infinity and the Blue (Energy).  For the past couple of months I have had 616 on the brain and didn’t know why until now.  Instead of the 20th of the month, this blog ends on the 16th.  Who knows with these things.

In 1992, shortly after I joined the Marines, I got my first tattoo.  The other guys I went with were out of their mind gung-ho oorah and wanting everything from a big giant eagle, globe, and anchor, to an M16 toting Tasmanian Devil with USMC written underneath.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  It needed to mean something…More.  Something discrete.  There it was.  The yin-yang.  The size of a quarter placed on my left shoulder.  What I had no idea was that in doing that, I sent myself on a path of trying to achieve balance for the next 20 years.  Never quite getting there.  One step forward.  Three steps back.  In 2013, I finally achieved it.  Balance.  To make a long story shorter, after eight months another Shift happened.  It was like a drumbeat in my head.  No matter what, I couldn’t shake it.  The Infinity symbol.  I Knew I had to put it on me.  I just didn’t know why and why it had to be a particular shade of blue…a blending of blues…not quite teal, not quite aquamarine……Something Bluish.  I knew it was going to compliment the yin-yang on my left shoulder by going on my right.  I’m not much of a tattoo guy as I’m more partial to the Richie Cunningham side of life so I figured I would just go to the mall to get it done.  I went and they were packed, so I strolled over to my magical synchronistic store, Romancing the Stone (I think I mentioned in the Jane blog).  One of the regular girls that worked there came walking up right away with a big smile, greeted me, and was like, Guess what!?!, I got a new tattoo!  Pointed down to her foot…the infinity symbol with the word love in it.  I laughed and pulled the picture out of my pocket of the tattoo likeness I was looking to get for myself.  It was her turn to laugh.  I never mentioned anything about getting an infinity tattoo before.  The other girl working there came over as well and filled her in on the “synchronistic moment”.  She asked me where I was going to get it done and when I said here at the mall she adamantly shook her head No.  She has a lot of tats.  She told me to go to Shine On and ask for Frank.  I did.  He began to apply the blue and said he was adding his own blue touch to it…I was like…Perfect.  I felt as though the Universe was working through him for exactly what I needed.

It was five months ago when it really fully hit me.  The Resonance.  I wrote that several months ago about the seemingly magical effect on water with verbal affirmations, music, and written words.  It was five months ago that I had to visit a Soldier in the hospital who had been diagnosed with Lymphoma.  I only had a few minutes with him in that initial encounter but I saw something that gave me one of my biggest Aha Moments in a while.  He raised his left arm to grab something and I saw his tattoo.  Inside of the left bicep, one word.  HATE.  Fat letters, and the deepest black color you can imagine.  Fresh.  Brand new.  19 years old and did not make it through his 7th week of basic training.  This cancer apparently came very fast, virtually out of nowhere.  The Aha Moment rang through though.  Immediately.

Messages to Water.  Us.  Symbols and words placed on our water sac bodies.  The body’s response.  My struggle for balance for 20yrs until I finally Pushed Through.  The profound Infinite Balance in my Life.  The Messages I gave to the Physical Body and the Body responding in kind to those symbols.

The cancer ravaging a young man’s body after sending the message of hate coursing through him.  How else could the body respond to something so vile, so ugly…How else?

Why Blue.  We’ll make that a statement and not a question.  It’s funny.  I actually cannot be too specific on that.  Even though I have Opened Up here in this Safe Haven forum of words, there are some things that I need to keep close to the vest.  I can say that the Blue is a part of Me.  Surrounds me.  Works with and through me.  Infinitely.

Someday.  Someday when this mortal shell fades away…My Eyes Will Open Once Again.

Live in the Light, My Friends.

BenGi, a Guardian

Ebra Kidbara

5 thoughts on “Infinite Shades of Blue

    • Hey! My Gratitude to you as well in your soul baring ness. Also my thanks for the one and only comment I received in one year hah. Very cool way to go out.
      Here’s to the Next Journey, my Friend. Cheers


    • Awwww, Sheila! Thank you. I am honored and RETIRED hahaha. No seriously, I really appreciate this. I think in order for me to do this I would have to make an actual blog posting and I am not semi-retired. 12 for 12 haha. PLUS and I don’t know how sad this is but I don’t really feel comfortable enough (know anyone well enough) to actually nominate anyone else, let alone follow up with questions :D. I think I can safely get away with 2 out of the 5 prerequisites for the Sunshine Award (however, I am not really looking to win anything as I’m always Sunny 😉 ). So I will do my best right here in this safe quiet forum with limited visibility haha. First off you already have my thanks, and next I will see if I can come up with something semi-intelligible here.

      1.) What inspires you to be the person you see in the mirror?

      It’s funny. Just yesterday I was looking at Him in the mirror. Not the physical aspect of mySelf. Something back there, behind the eyes. I see Him staring back there. The Silent Observer. Love inspires me to be More. I never look into a mirror the same anymore. Never Again. Because when I see him staring back at me, I am lifted up.

      2.) What are some of your favorite things in life and why?

      Things. Hmmmm. Well I do have this whole “letting go”…”thing” hahaha. I really like letting go “of things” :D. I have an uncanny collection of angels…Everywhere. I love my roller skates, and need to test the grounds here at my new stomping grounds in sunny KC. I love eating healthy foods. I love saying the most positive things I can say to myself. I guess you can throw them in the things arena :D.

      3.) How do you unwind at the end of a busy day?

      Cup of hot green tea and a small chunk of dark chocolate (which is a staple in my morning nutritional operatrions as well 😉 ). My days generally aren’t too bad though (at least for the past 21 months or so). There will be a day in the near future (year +), where I am going to be the busy beaver staff officer haha.

      4.) What is your favorite thing about writing a blog?

      I think we can safely say, What “was” your favorite thing :D. Throwing a pebble in the pond would be my favorite thing about that. It didn’t matter how many people read it. There may be someone out there that needed to hear/read what I had to say. Who knows with these things. I am As So Guided by the Voice in my head that I finally decided to Listen to.

      5.) Any words of wisdom you’d care to share?

      Be grateful always. Always Always Always. What a Gift this life this! Isn’t it incredible? There are some really incredible people out there making a concerted effort to create a ripple effect of change like the Go Gratitude Team. I remember when I started that I ended up doing a better part of 84 days of gratitude as opposed to the 42 days that the email program is designed for, but while I was doing my 42 days, I began to receive emails from them saying this was their 9 year anniversary and were starting a brand new 42 email selection…that I jumped in on right as soon as my first 42 days were over. You do not have to do anything except receive emails and read them. Keeps Gratitude on the brain. Eventually the Gratitude led to the Blooming Humans, and then the Heartfire Gateways (all the same folks putting it together). Blooming Humans just rekindled recently for this Lions Gate / Blue Moon thing (all of these are 42 day Journeys), and today is Day 9: Inward, Onward, Upward, Outward‏ and looks something like this (for example):

      Drawing inward, we feel the Great-Full-Ness of Life.
      Releasing outward, we flow our unique essence into the world.
      Each breath is a prayer of Gratitude, carrying our radiance,
      brilliance and intentions upward and outward into the World.

      Just for today …

      Breath deeply into the Heart, and hold it for as long
      as you can. Pay attention to the intense urges rising,
      as the body seeks reconnection with the flow-er of
      life … the Breath.

      When the intensity, reaches its peak … let go …
      wholly, fully and completely. Feel the rushing
      in-flow of the next breath re-connecting your
      body-mind-spirit to the ever present moment of NOW.

      In Gratitude, remember we are designed to be flow-ers
      of Life, and our natural impulse to thrive becomes a
      dance with the Divine … an ever unfolding adventure
      into the heart of creation.


      Blooming Humans are WE!


      As our Dreams seeds continue to grow, expand and unfold
      we, too, move ever inward, onward, upward and outward …
      our breath being the center point of this cosmic unfolding.

      When feelings of stagnancy, doubt or fear arise simply
      take a deep breath and remember Life is designed for
      continuance. This breath will purify and clear dense
      energies, returning us to center and re-unite our
      being-ness with All that IS …

      One breath, one moment, one choice, one day at a time!


      Oh you, breathing life in all, origin of the gleaming sound,
      You shine in us and around us, even the darkness glows
      when we remember.

      Help us to draw a holy breath, in which we feel only you
      and your sound ring in us and purify us.

      May your counsel rule our lives and make our intentions
      clear for the common creation.

      May the burning wish of your heart unify heaven
      and earth through our harmony.

      Grant us daily the bread and insight that we need:
      What is necessary for the call of growing life.

      Release the cords of the errors that bind us,
      as we let go off that which binds us to the faults of others.

      Do not let superficial things lead us astray
      but instead free us from that which holds us back.

      From you come the all-effective will,
      the living strength to act, and the song that beautifies
      everything and which renews itself form age to age.

      True vitality to these testimonies!
      May they be the ground out of which all my actions grow.

      Sealed in trust and faith.


      ~Lord’s prayer in Aramaic

      I know….maybe threw in a little too much there :D. It was great reading that this morning though.

      These things were a lonnnnnnnnnng time after I had already Shifted, but it’s really nice to keep something Positive like this on your mind consistently. Human beings have this knack of forgetfulness :D!

      I’m sorry, Sheila! A little bit over the top and not even close to maintaining the Sunshine Blogger Award pre-reqs.
      You can give me a Thumbs Down for this half-ass attempt but like I said….Retired haha. Seriously though, thank you :D. And you know what? I don’t just “talk or preach” about seeing the Sunny Side of things. I am a Full Time Practitioner. Take care!

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