The Chicken or The Egg

So I was on the run one morning about a month ago and had this Thought about how grateful I was for the air filling my lungs and bringing me Life. In that spirit of Gratitude, my thoughts began to shift towards giving and receiving. Breathing out, breathing in and so on and so on. I further began to contemplate the life I once new as a person that was resistant to receive. Gifts, love, whatever. Giving was my thing. I was The Giver. With the Shift though and Letting Go, I allowed receiving back into my life. My thought Stream on the run continued with…..hmmmmmmm Giving and Receiving. What came first? The whole chicken or the egg thing. However, it came to me quickly. At least from my perspective, in this 3D physicality, it was Receiving. We come out of our little cocoon from our mother’s womb and the very first thing is that rush of air filling those tiny lungs with our very first Gift and us acting in kind by letting that air out and Giving back to the Universe.

The perpetual cycle began with Receiving that first breath……..We breathe in Universes that give us life and we transform/transmute those Universes and give them back to any and all who need it…..trees, flowers, the very grass under our feet…..

The Season of Receiving and Giving is not just about Christmas or the Holidays. It is the Essence of every moment.

With Love and Gratitude to All and a Very Safe and Merry Christmas,

The Receiver and The Giver