I had posted this eerily similar commentary over a year ago or so in someone’s blog, but felt guided to do a redux of sorts in the Here and Now. The Voice in my Head. Who can argue?

I am a roller skater. Ok well by trade, I am an officer in the Army. I skated all through my early youth and into my early 20s. Loved it. (LOVE IT Still) Then it was gone (left for the Marines etc…Life…). Well since I had my transformation this past year (imagine you are in 2013 reading this)…..I brought it back. Everything that I was good at and loved that brought me joy…I brought back into my life. So I skate again. Generally if I want to skate during the work week then I will start skating a little after 4am, which is well before the regular folk head off for physical training in the morning for PT and so I don’t freak out a lot of people as I am “jamming” around and around our apt complex parking lot. It’s a big stretch by and large (the parking lot). So the Saturday after an interesting revelation (when I found out I was an Empath…8mo into my Shift), I am starting my skate a little bit later than normal. Usually sleep in till 5/5:30 on the weekends. So on this Saturday when I am starting my morning skate, the sun is on the rise, and The World is waking up. After about 15min of getting into my Groove, Flowing with my Go… I see this gentlemen walking his dog, saw his face, no real expression, kind of bland look, but I had the strangest thought go through my head. One word: Showoff. I’m like, Wow, that’s weird. It was enough to take me back to a time in my early teens when some kid at my local roller rink had called me a “showoff”. I took serious offense to that! But! Calmly retorted, Does a bird showoff when it flies? Nope. It just flies. And I just skate. It was so bizarrely amazing what followed thereafter….in the Present. The Birds. Everywhere. Literally they came out of everywhere! Birds! Grackles. They were flying overhead. In all the trees and building tops watching. A group would always be just ahead of me at each rounding curve…waiting for me, looking back waiting for me to…catch them? Then it really hit me. The Feeling. It wasn’t just plain joy or love, or happiness. Something that was so beautiful and deeply profound in the moment. I felt FUN. They were playing with me! Like they were letting me be a part of their group (flock)! I was flying with them in my mind and they were skating with me, through me, and my FUN that I was having was THEIR fun as well. I would like to say I would carry that ONE special moment with me forever, but……….it happened again the following weekend. The weekend after that, I didn’t feel the need to skate, so I just…ran…in the rain. And The Magic Cube continues to turn…

It’s been one year and one week since I moved. The parking lot “skating rink” is gone. My new one is not conducive to my former “rink-like” activities. It’s fine. I’m waiting on Instructions from the Universe. Some Moment. It will come.

Anyway, I generally do not look backwards anymore, but sometimes it truly is precious to revisit those Treasured Moments of the past. I remember that I flew. I flew with birds, and I still have my Wings.