The Resonance

So I have water on my mind.  And IN my mind for that matter. In my Body.  There are so many facets of The Shift, My Shift, that it is hard to just nail it down into one tidy package.  It’s spread out. Like the Universe.  I would like to take a stab at blending metaphysics and science, or at least a particular part of science that is still being explored as I think that the surface has barely been scratched.

I would say that January 2013 is when I dove into the deep end of my Shift, although it had been making attempts to push through for the past 20 plus years prior to. Once I Let Go, once I Surrendered, I embarked on a journey that I had no idea the heights I would be taking myself to. Onto the Heights in which I still travel in this moment.

I am looking at an aspect here of the whole Mind/Body/Spirit, and not completely sure where this is going to take me as I type.  I know where I want it to lead me, but then again we don’t always get what we expect. I am a fan of the Surprise haha.

In the Shift, I had no idea what I was doing. I made a Plan. I began to execute the plan. Week in and week out.  During this Plan (and still do) I would be doing things like: saying daily affirmations (eg: The Optimist Creed), daily prayer, meditation (eg: breathing focus, toning), fueling my body with the most effective and efficient nutrition (eg: spirulina, chlorella, chia), physical training (eg: running, circuit).  By April, four months later, I began to feel something in the center of my body.  Warm, light.  I noticed this for a couple of weeks and it wasn’t really bugging me too much, but I just had this…..”What Is This???” feeling.  Over and over.  What is this? I never felt anything like it before.  I knew it was important though.  Something wonderful.  Finally, one day it came to me.  The Voice in my head as I’ve come to call    It.  “Peace”.  This is Peace.  I fell in love with that Peace and over time it has transmuted into so much more.  May get into that another time.  Childlike wonder began to overtake me (I’m chuckling.  Still have it). 

Fast forward one year.  By April 2014, I had begun to grow exponentially more than what I was. Grabbing new things to read and trying new things to explore.  I found a book by Emoto Masaru, The Hidden Messages in Water (also wrote Messages from Water) which I had briefly heard a little bit about.  Water being affected by music, words, and intention. Beautifully shaped crystals being formed as a result of a piece by Chopin, words like Love and Gratitude, and prayer.  The water absorbing and taking on these things and responding in kind by forming exquisite crystalline shapes .  I won’t get into the specifics behind the process of the photography and whatnot, but the result of reading this book opened up a new chapter in my Life. Something became very abundantly clear. And it was almost like a “Duh” AND an “Aha!” moment almost at once.

Depending on where you check online or whatever other source, the human being is comprised between 60-75% water.  A year later and I finally got it.  I changed the composition of the molecules in my body.  The water within me.  Responding to my affirmations, prayers, and meditation.  I was doing this with my own intentions reflecting inward. The Resonance with water.  The resonance of the water within Me.  I Am Water.  I Am Peace.

The Power to achieve Inner Peace is within you.  You have to make a commitment to yourself though.  Make it a part of your routine like brushing your teeth.  Make it a part of yourself and always begin each day at Peace.  And with all this there is an incredible by-product as the Universe begins to wonderfully change around you, and amazing things happen.