The Magic Cube

This was the Buddha’s reply when asked to sum up all his teachings in one word. I am aware of many things and unaware of even many more. There is the Mystery. The Veil (illusion?) of all that we see which covers the unseen.
It’s funny. It’s beautiful. The Universe. I like to think of the Universe as this grand symphony but the more playful side of me thinks of it as a Rubik’s Cube. I received my first Rubik’s Cube in the early 80s. Never solved it. Well I did. I didn’t. I cheated. Took it apart and put it back together with all the sides perfect. Several months after my Shift last year I started to have this strange notion about the Universe being like a Rubik’s Cube. One day I found myself face to face with the cube at a store (thinking: they are still around, huh) and did not hesitate to bring it home with me. It is always turning/moving. The Universe. Without end. Always continuously in motion. So I had this idea which went in conjunction with the Law of Attraction (which is an absolute reality). The idea being that when you send out a thought/wish/desire/a Whatever It Is then the Universe goes into motion to line up the sides. Here’s the thing though. The Universe has no concept of time. So when that intent you set forth from your consciousness goes out and the Universe goes to work you have no idea when it will come to fruition. I like to think of it as the Surprise. A problem with the Majority is that since society has become so instantaneous (everything the click of a button, snap of the finger) they lose their motivation, their desire wanes, it falters, it moves into another direction. The sides of the Rubik’s Cube may have been a week away from lining up, and then a change of mind/thought/feeling and then the sides start spinning in a different direction. This is why so many may feel this helter skelter type of life. If you are Patient though, you’re perseverance will pay off. I’m extremely patient, and I also want for nothing. My intentions are out there and if they do not come to fruito out this physical vessel, then so be it. It is really incredible though. You watch the sides turn all the time. Every action, every thought (yours/anyones), every movement. A gentleman is walking down the road and sees a beautiful butterfly that reminds him of a special day when he was a child, he looks up at the sky and smiles, just when a lady is driving down the road and sees this man looking up and smiling, she smiles herself and not knowing why, but when she gets to the stop sign, she decides to turn left and go to the local flower store instead of going home, and as she turns, a bird sitting by the side of the road realizes that it’s time to fly or almost get hit by the big moving metal thing, and takes off, lands a couple miles away in a park, but has no time to rest as a big dog comes running after it, the owner of the dog, starts yelling “Charlie! Charlie!”, as a man running with his headphones on hears Charlie! being yelled over the sound of the beat, which makes him think of his uncle Charlie that passed away several years before, and tells himself to visit his grave soon……………all of these things working together for You. For Me.