An Empath. A Story.

So.  This is what it is.  A shorty story by the venerable BenGi.  Like some stories out there, this one is based on real life events.  And we’ll call it:

The Big Sting
A Love Story

The Painter was diligently at work.  Painting his grandmother’s house a year after she died.  One fine painting day, the Painter, who actually is a young man, no more than a boy, discovered a small wasp nest.  Not to worry, thought the Painter, he remembered an incident from his childhood where all the boys and girls at the bus stop were running around screaming because they were all being stung by bees, due to a mischievous child who brought shaving cream and sprayed it on all the boys and girls…including the Painter, who was…untouched by the stings.  All the children were taken to the hospital except one.  So in remembering this, the Painter felt no worries about these pesky creatures.  This is how he thought of them.  Pesky pests.  To be exterminated and removed.  He went about the steps to remove them with wasp spray, a garden hose etc.  All was going well until………OUCH!!!  HE STUNG MY EAR!!!  How DARE HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So following this event, the Painter developed an aversion to all types of waspy/stingy/bee things.  A hatred.  A fear.  Something he carried with him in his Heart.

Next thing you know…the Painter grew into a man.  A man who has realized the interconnectedness of All Things, and that all creatures great and small, insect, rock, plant…even a porcelain cup.  All Connected.

One day, the Painter came home from work (actually Friday, 30 May 2014).  He was going about the usual things, and came in to see the Lovely Marion (plant) growing in splendor and aliveness.  Then all of the sudden, the Painter detected movement to the left…the window…in between the window and the screen.  A WASP.  Not just any wasp mind you, but a giantly mutated huge wasp.  The king/queen of wasps.  Flying/walking around and around desperately trying to escape its prison.  Did I mention it was ENORMOUS?  The Painter kind of shook his head and was like, Damn brother, sucks to be you.  The Painter knew how this situation would end.  He would continue on with his life and would one day see the remains of the trapped wasp awaiting removal.  And that would be that.  The Painter would remember how much pain that the wasp had inflicted on him…..inflicted on him for… what…..murdering its family?…destroying his home?  The Painter, in a flash, forgave the wasp, and most of all, forgave himself for the hatred he had carried.  The Resolution was made to save Super Wasp.  It would not endure the same fate as other trapped insects would go through.  Just waiting to die.  He developed a plan, a strategy, a Rescue Mission.  The Painter watched him for about a minute.  Scrambling in a panic for escape.  He could feel the desperation.  That was that.  What am I going to need?, thought the Painter.  A bowl, a sheet of thick paper.  Got them.  Went back to the window and set them there as the Painter continued to get ready to enter Nighttime Ops.  After about 30min, and all the conditions were set for the evening, it was Time.  The Painter went to the window, prepared to open, place the bowl on the wasp, slide the sheet of paper through (as he had many many times in the past for spiders), gently pull away from the window, placing subtle pressure, walking to the front door, and Release.  He rehearsed it in his mind.  He knew exactly how this would go, except for one small thing…The wasp was…Gone.  As a matter of fact, he doesn’t even remember seeing him when he brought his Release Equipment gear over.  He opens the window and inspects the screen, no holes, no where he could discern an escape (or entrance) around the edge of the frame.  He was just Gone.

This is the Universe/God/Source, all of these things at once.  When you truly give in, Surrender (NOT Give Up!), the Universe will Work With You In All Things.

The Painter, who at one time was a little boy with nothing but Love in his Heart, who grew into a confused young man, who transmuted into a man with a renewed limitless Love back into his Heart once again………….thinks of The Wasp, and is still utterly, completely, and absolutely in Awe of this Power.



I’m not much the story teller.  I’ve been kicking around the idea of Getting Things Out for quite a while.  It has been almost a year now that I have known I was an Empath.  So going through 43yrs not knowing……but Knowing something… I remember going out somewhere(s) with my ex-wife (party, family reunion, etc) and she would always say to me…What’s wrong with you???  I would either clam up, want to get away, or say something ridiculous…until I drank something.  That usually “helped”.  Never knew why…………..I’m not sure how to eventually get this out, but I know that once I did surrender, I also knew that it was for the Highest Good.  I am looking to Help as many as I can before I leave this three dimensional existence.    I will take a look at going thru The Shift I experienced approx. one year, eight months ago………….and then we’ll go from there.